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  • Committed to achieving zero harm to health, safety and the environment
  • Committed to win-win client relationships based on shared risks and rewards
  • Committed to investing in the growth and development of our people
  • Committed to innovative mining solutions

Future Direction

  • Leaders in Leadership Development and Talent Management
  • Maintain focus on Core Values of Safety Excellence and Client Satisfaction
  • Innovative Projects Involving Technology-based Solutions
  • Continual Strong Cash Flow
  • Equity Partnerships
  • Contractor of Choice


    • DMC is working with the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre (SICC) to develop a cultural awareness training program that will be used as a template across Canada.
    • Employment diversity is tracked and reported monthly, helping DMC increase employment opportunities for Indigenous Peoples, women and visible minorities.
    • A 14-week program titled "Entry to Mining" was developed by DMC to introduce local communities to employment opportunities in the mining industry.
    • DMC's Indigenous Engagement Strategy (AES) focuses on operating procedures for human resource planning and control and reviews activities within band programs. It sets out the process by which these components are administered and monitored in alignment with current human resource policies.
    • PowerChief Scaffolding is a First Nation owned and operated scaffolding services company that has seen significant success in Saskatchewan working with DMC Mining Services.
    • In sync with our clients, we identify local and regional companies that are owned by or that employ Indigenous Peoples, women and visible minority groups to provide goods and services to the projects in which we are engaged.