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DMX - zero-harm

Our values

Our Values

Zero Harm

We are committed to Zero Harm for our employees, our communities and the environment. We believe that the best sites are the safest sites. Having every worker return home in the same state that they arrived is the goal we thrive for. You, your family, friends and colleagues deserve nothing less.


Through Teamwork, we build trust, act with respect, and welcome constructive debate.

We invest in our people's growth and development promoting a collaborative work environment where we continuously learn and adjust.

Providing you with the right tools and training to effectively complete the tasks required, and in an environment that is supportive and collaborative will promote excellence and positive results for all.

Results Driven

We achieve results with a focus on the long-term success of DMC and client relationships.

We are Results Driven, skilled at problem solving and ready to take on new challenges to support growth and development of our company.

Providing our teams with the right infrastructure and resources to succeed is essential. Living our values, and striving to be the industry leader, will lead to sustainability, positive results and stability for all DMC employees.


We are Courageous. We are decisive, innovative, and forthright with each other and the world around us.

We encourage DMC employees to share their ideas; we listen and want to leverage the knowledge and expertise of our employees and spread innovation and lessons learned across the business. We analyze, not criticize errors, to assure we learn and continue to grow.


We take full Accountability for our actions and commitments. We keep our promises and establish long-term relationships with our internal and external clients established on integrity.

We build trust among our fellow employees, stakeholders and the communities where we operate.

Our goal is to create a work culture that promotes honesty and transparency, with a shared commitment to be our best, and "walk the talk".