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DMX - zero-harm

A Solid Record Of Safety By Design

Over its 36 years in business, DMC Mining Services has established a reputation for safety, thanks to the company’s top leadership and its on-site supervisors.

To reinforce this culture of safety, DMC has set up a safety and health management system that defines our fundamental approach to managing and controlling workplace hazards and risk. The management system defines accountability and facilitates management’s effort to assure our projects are set up for success through safety design.

Safety programs in place include First Aid and CPR training, supervisor development programs, job specific training and project and field level risk assessments. An E-learning program offers a DMC company orientation module, 32-hour MSHA training and an eight-hour MSHA refresher training for on-site and remote access.

Recently, DMC has been recognized many times for its health and safety efforts. It was the runner-up in the Ontario government’s Workplace Safety North (WSN) workplace safety excellence audit in 2013, and won awards for having the lowest total medical injury frequency performance in 2011, and for workplace self-assessment in 2011.

DMC encourages reporting and collects leading indicators such as near misses, workplace interactions, five point safety system quality and action plan close out. Having this information helps management to understand what needs to be improved so future incidents or events can be prevented, and drives continuous improvement to achieve Zero Harm.

The company has a philosophy at its core of Zero Harm, and is constantly looking to improve safety.