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Mine Construction

Mine construction services are specialized activities related to both surface and underground mines. The company’s mine construction work has included: refuge stations, underground explosives magazines, underground shops, crushing and conveying systems, sumps and dams for mine dewatering systems, ground stabilization through the installation of rock bolts and the application of shotcrete, grout injection and backfill.

Services also include vent doors and shotcrete walls, hoist and fan foundation installations as well as electrical and mechanical installations for hoisting, ventilation and dewatering systems.

Conventional Mine Development

DMC is able to offer a bundle of related services, including lateral development work consisting of access ramps, declines, drifting and cross-cutting.

Contract Mining Services

DMC has a long history as a safe and efficient contract miner, including operation of the Inco Shebandowan Mine, the Goldcorp Red Lake Mine and the Midas Joint Venture Mine.

Today, the company continues to provide comprehensive services ranging from mine feasibility and underground mine design, including mine shafts, ore and waste handling systems, mine dewatering systems, backfill systems and ventilation systems. It also advises on equipment selection and procurement. Once the feasibility and design of an underground mine has been established, DMC is able to develop and operate the mine with its equipment, trained personnel and management systems. Where it assumes responsibility for mine operation, DMC hires staff, develops production budgets and schedules, produces reports, maintains regulatory permits and filings, manages operating staff and assumes overall responsibility for safety and loss control.

Civil Construction

The company also provides services to customers in the civil underground construction industry.

DMC has completed underground work for hydroelectric facilities (powerhouse and tailrace tunnel excavations, tunnel rehabilitation), ground stabilization and construction work for the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory and established a freshwater reservoir and collection system by installing a concrete bulkhead and piping system in an adjacent abandoned mine. DMC has also built a pedestrian walkway and utility tunnel under downtown Salt Lake City. DMC has completed civil raise boring work in Atlanta, and a major sewer project in Indianapolis.

Mine Shaft Sinking

Mine shaft sinking is one of the most critical and technically difficult aspects of underground mine development and construction. A mine shaft must be completed and commissioned for an orebody before any other underground mine development can begin.

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    Accordingly, mine owners place a premium on rapid sinking schedules. DMC has the experience, skilled workers and the specialized techniques and equipment necessary to complete technically challenging projects - such as those involving poor ground conditions or extreme depth - on time and on budget.
    The company has a history of innovation and continuous technical improvements, such as its patented Long Round technology, which has increased the speed at which shafts can be completed.
    It was also chosen as the contractor to sink two 3,280 foot (1,000 meter) shafts at BHP Billiton’s Jansen Potash Project, incorporating Rio Tinto Mine of the Future ™ technology that it developed with Herrenknecht AG in Germany.

Raise Boring & Raise Excavation

Raise boring is a continuous, mechanical method of excavating vertical or near-vertical holes between two levels of an underground mine. The holes can be used for ventilation, manways and ore and waste transportation. Raise boring is generally considered a safer, faster and more cost-effective way of excavating raises than more traditional drilling and blasting methods.

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    Raise boring techniques are also used to excavate various raises and shafts for civil construction projects. In particular, raise boring leaves smooth walls, allowing for more efficient ventilation. Raise bored holes can also be used for hoisting or egress shafts. DMC has a fleet of nine raise boring machines, over 7,500 feet (2,000 meters) of drill pipe and 16 reamers with capabilities from 28 inches (71 centimeters) to 20 feet (6 meters) in diameter. The smallest drills operate in only 12 feet (3.6 meters) of headroom.
    Alimak Raising is a drill and blast method that enables mining approaches that cannot be carried out using raise borers. It has the added advantage of in raise access for the installation of ground support and grouting of water inflows as the raise is excavated. Alimak Raising is a viable alternative for occasions where raise boring may not be viable due to access or power considerations. DMC owns and operates a fleet of mechanized raise climbers for these applications.

Engineering Services

DMC's evaluation and design services include concept, prefeasibility and technical engineering. The company's technical engineering capabilities cover all the major disciplines (mining, civil, electrical, structural and mechanical).
DMC provides technical engineering services to assess and optimize mining projects.

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    The group's expertise includes: mine planning (conceptual/feasibility/detail); equipment evaluation and selection; mine and facility design; flow sheet layouts; material handling; ancillaries/utilities design; transportation system design; and cost estimating. The group also has considerable expertise in continuous improvement as well as engineering by design.

    The group uses 3-D modelling, finite element analysis and computer simulation on all engineering solutions, and uses an engineering package schedule (PAS) as a tool to monitor and track design progress.

    Our engineering clients have included major mine leaders such as Barrick Gold, BHP Billiton, Vale, Glencore, Newmont Mining and KGHM International.